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Leaderboard Consulting is proud to announce the launch of ‘e-Invoicing,’ a dynamic 1-day online program tailored for the public.


Led by Ms Annie Wong, a Certified Financial Coach with over a decade of experience in training and business consulting, participants can expect interactive learning sessions and engaging discussions. With the imminent enforcement of a nationally focused policy, this program is designed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills for navigating the evolving landscape


During this comprehensive 1-day program, you will:


  • Acquire a deep understanding of electronic invoicing systems and their implications for both businesses and taxpayers.

  • Recognize and address potential accounting, information technology, and tax challenges that may arise pre and post implementation of electronic invoicing.

  • Differentiate between various e-invoicing models to determine the most suitable approach for your organization.

  • Formulate a strategic action plan tailored to effectively implement an electronic invoicing system within your organization.

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your organization’s readiness for the adoption of e-invoicing.


Introduction to “What is E-Invoicing”. 

Benefits of adopting E-invoice

Types of Transaction involving e-invoicing 

Implementation timeline and exemption criteria. 

E-invoicing model and different types of workflow. What are the differences? 

Requirements needed to get ready for e-invoicing.

Offences and penalty for non-compliance.

Implementation contingency plan. 

How to prepare with proper SOP set up , communication workflow with suppliers and customers.

Different types of transaction scenarios.

What is consolidated and self-billed invoice?

What are cross -border transactions?

Disbursement and reimbursement and how are they applied .

Employment prequisites , benefits and claims.

Transaction involving agents, dealers and distributors.

E-commerce transactions treatment. 

Treatment of foreign income and profit distribution.

What to know about LHDN Compliant e-invoice software .

Introduction to Peppol Framework – 3 things to know before buying the software.

Meet Annie Wong

The Trainer

Annie 2
Graduated with Bachelor Science Degree (Summa cum laude) from Campbell University, Annie is also a Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA UK), Certified Financial Planner (FPAM), Certified Financial Coach (IPMA UK), Certified Professional in Taxation (SEGI), Professional Numerologist (Number Academic), Accredited Color Accounting Facilitator (Wealthvox), Certified NLP Sales Professional and a member of the Board of advisory of ICPT. 
She has transitioned successfully from a Pharmaceutical Regional Manager to a Financial Consultant and has trained over 10,000 SME Business Owners and corporate professionals through expert financial planning and education.
She is the Core Trainer in the esteemed Certified Financial Coach Program and sole accredited Color Accounting Trainer proficient in both English and Mandarin.
Annie’s class is very engaging and she is able to make accounting and finance language into simple terms that is easy to understand for non-finance background participants. 

Session 1 :  2 July 2024 (Tues) 

Session 2:  3 July 2024 (Wed)  

Time: 9-5pm

Venue: Zoom Online

Price: RM700.00 per pax