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Participants will gain a firm understanding of corporate finance, including accounting principles and financial analysis, how value is created by global markets, the choices corporate firms face when making financial decisions and mitigating the risk. The course program  culminating in a capstone project that allows participants to apply the skill they’ve learned throughout the course.


This program is specially designed for managers , executives and business owners with NO finance or accounting background BUT requires finance and accounting literacy in their day-to-day work or business operations and probably is responsbile for the department or business unit profit & loss .  

In this program, we adopt a coaching and facilitative approach through short interactive lecture, small group dynamic discussion, role-play, individual exercises, group activity and question & answer session. 

2 days program outline

 Anatomy of Accounting

  • Business acumen, financial literacy and accounting literacy – getting the order right
  • A brief history of accounting, introducing accounting with human anatomy
  • The anatomy of accounting framework – assets and claims to the assets
  • Sources of funds, uses of funds, the Balance Sheet and how business events are represented in it
  • The Income Statement and how it tells the profit story of the business
  • Definitions of asset, liability, equity, income and expense


Business Transactions

  • Borrowing cash, Receive equity investment, Loan repayment, Buying on credit
  • Purchasing an asset with cash, Credit sale with cost of sale, Accrued expense, Deferred income
  • Account receivable paid, Deferred income earned, Prepaid expense, Depreciation; amortization, The six accrual scenarios
  • Cash accounting, Debits and credits, Summary of transactions and how it links to financial statement

Cash Flow Management

  • Cash flow movement and why is cash flow so important?
  • 4 essential steps to improve company cash flow & planning
  • Advance cash flow strategy that new era company should know


Depreciation vs Taxation

  • Depreciation as a ‘non-cash’ expense
  • Taxation adjustment


  • Usage of both matrix

Gross Profit Margin and Pricing

  • Margins, mark-up and discounts
  • How to do pricing
  • Break even analysis

 Financial Statement Analysis

  • Interpreting the Balance Sheet, Income Statement
  • Deriving the Cash Flow Statement and value cycle of a business
  • Telling the business story through financial statements
  • Introduction to financial analysis and principal business objective
  • The 3 levers of business
  • Profitability ratios; Return on equity; Return on total assets; Gearing; Net profit margin; Asset turnover; Gross profit margin; Current ratio; Inventory turnover; Collection days; Payable days; Cash conversion cycle


Practical Case Studies

  • Implication of theories to practical
  • Group presentation on companies’ statement


Corporate Taxation Planning

  • 3 strategies to avoid paying 40% more tax
  • 9 golden rules to ease corporate tax planning
  • 12 tips and traps business owners must know

Meet Annie Wong

The Trainer

Annie 2
Graduated with Bachelor Science Degree (Summa cum laude) from Campbell University, Annie is also a Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA UK), Certified Financial Planner (FPAM), Certified Financial Coach (IPMA UK), Certified Professional in Taxation (SEGI), Professional Numerologist (Number Academic), Accredited Color Accounting Facilitator (Wealthvox), Certified NLP Sales Professional and a member of the Board of advisory of ICPT. 
She has transitioned successfully from a Pharmaceutical Regional Manager to a Financial Consultant and has trained over 10,000 SME Business Owners and corporate professionals through expert financial planning and education.
She is the Core Trainer in the esteemed Certified Financial Coach Program and sole accredited Color Accounting Trainer proficient in both English and Mandarin.
Annie’s class is very engaging and she is able to make accounting and finance language into simple terms that is easy to understand for non-finance background participants. 

Date :  2-3 May,2024 (Thurs & Friday) 

Venue: Crystal Crown, Petaling Jaya

Price: RM2000.00 per pax

(Enjoy early bird discount of 10% if register before 19th April)

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